La información sobre la educación a distancia en español está disponible aquí.

This page is created to keep students and families informed of El Colegio’s response and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shifting into Remote Learning

(Click here for COVID-19 Onsite Policy & Protocol

Given the current state of the pandemic El Colegio is not using county data to make its decision to shift into remote learning. El Colegio will shift into Remote learning when 10% of El Colegio’s population [staff/students] are positive for COVID-19, unless emergency powers are put into effect.

The Board grants power to the Executive Director to make decisions regarding switching learning models based on  factors including the specific needs, situations, and best interests of the El Colegio community.  The Executive Director will consult with the Board Chair, school leadership, staff, and community stakeholders when considering to switch from one particular scenario to another.

El Colegio recognizes that COVID-19 is affecting our Latinx and Indigenous communities at a higher rate.

In-Person Model

(moving forward)

  • Teachers will open their Google Classroom Meet Link each period and keep open for the whole class period.
  • Teachers will take attendance of students both online and in person.
    • Please be intentional to edit attendance if students are tardy.
  • A support team will reach out to students who are not showing up online, to see what they need to join.
    • Attendance calls will be made in the morning to anyone not onsite.
    • Support team will intervene with a student missing 2 consecutive or more remote learning days.
  • Teachers will deliver their lesson and both in-person and virtual students will have access to hearing/seeing their lesson.
  • When a student is unable to attend in person, they should be joining their classes from home. If they are unable to attend then they will be marked absent.
  • Students who are joining virtually must actively participate. Active participation includes: a greeting in the chat when joining the meet, responding to teachers’ questions either by verbally talking or responding in the chat, contributing to class activities (Jamboard, Breakout Rooms, Desmos, FlipGrid etc.) and/or completing exit tickets for the day.

Distance Learning


  • Teachers and students will follow the DL schedule Monday through Thursday, and Friday’s are asynchronous.


    • Students should still be using their asynchronous hours from 1:33 – 4:00pm Monday through Thursday working on assignments of the classes they did not attend that day.
  • Teachers will take attendance and enter in JMC.
    • Whoever is assigned to make phone calls for attendance needs to email the front desk and Ms. Jenni the reasons, that includes even if only messages were left.