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This page is created to keep students and families informed of El Colegio’s response and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-2021 School Year

Governor Walz has asked all Minnesota schools to come up with three plans for what back-to-school will look like in the fall. The three plans are: Distance Learning, In-Person Instruction, and a Hybrid Model (a combination of both distance learning and in-person instruction). More information about these three plans and how they will look can be found on the Department of Education’s website here.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning begins Monday, April 19, 2021 and will continue for the remainder of the school year.

Distance Learning with Supports

Based on these state guidelines and our local health data, El Colegio will start our academic program in “distance learning with support” when school begins Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

El Colegio will operate with a  “Distance Learning with Supports” model this fall. In this model, the student direct instruction will occur remotely.  Once a week during the afternoon,  specific cohorts  students may come onsite for support and wrap-around services as necessary.   We will continue to evaluate, decide, and communicate whether students  will need to remain in distance learning with support, or shift to hybrid learning.  Any changes to our learning scenario will be communicated to families at least two weeks in advance.

Given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, students, families, and staff deserve to start the year with as much consistency and stability as possible. The first few weeks of the school year are critical. El Colegio High School’s priorities and values for entering Fall Semester:

  • Health and safety for the entire El Colegio community
    • Students, staff, families, and community partners
  • Consistency and establishing routines
  • Equitable access for all students
  • Constant communication and dialogue between all parties
  • Flexibility and adaptability 
  • El Colegio’s E3 21st Century Skills:
    • Teamwork, Adaptability, Cross-Cultural Communication, Innovation, Critical Analysis

Activities for Onsite Cohort Days include:

  • Lunch
    • We will still provide grab-and-go lunches for all students on site
  • Technology troubleshooting and support
  • Additional academic support
  • Check in with school therapist, Plus Coordinator, and/or other support staff
  • IEP services

What this will look like: 

  • Only one grade per school day will have access to the building
    • A maximum of 10 students per day
  • We conduct temperature checks before each person enters the space
  • We will have face masks available for those who may forget to bring one


El Colegio will share our plan and stay connected with families through:

Student Schedule in Distance Learning

This schedule is meant to help students establish a routine during distance learning.  Teachers will follow this schedule too, and interact with students in class via Google Classroom, Google Hangout/Meet, video, and email.

This is an opportunity for students to practice using technology tools for learning. It is also very important that students, staff, and the whole community maintain a safe, appropriate, and respectful online presence.

We realize that some students may need learning materials in alternative formats, or may need to work with the school to create an alternative schedule.

Teacher Expectations

EC Teachers: 

  • Will post daily check in questions by 8:45am for Advisory
  • Will take attendance and turn in by 10:35 M-TH and 12:30 on Fridays in the format specified
  • Will turn on cameras during Google Meets for classes and office hours. 
  • Will  arrive 5 minutes early for Google Meet’s
  • Be available to students and colleagues throughout the normal work day (8:30am-4:15pm)
  • Check email, calendar and attend meetings
  • Post assignments on Google Classroom
  • Send printed materials home in advance (one week prior to content lesson).
  • Will closely monitor student progress and follow-up with students not completing work by the stipulated deadlines
  • Communicate student performance via Google Classroom on a regular basis. Students will need to know of a change in their performance at least once per week.
  • Communicate with other EC staff to coordinate and provide additional support and resources for learning

Student Expectations

EC Students:  

  • Will reach out to teachers and staff regarding additional resource needs. Remember, your teachers are here to support your learning!
  • Will attend required Google Meets Monday-Friday. 
  • Practice online professionalism: 
    • sign in on time,
    • turn on camera (and be appropriately dressed); 
    • participate in discussions and activities, 
    • avoid other distractions, and
    • use appropriate verbal and written language. 
  • Avoid scheduling appointments and work schedules during school hours. 
    • If you are unable to attend a Google Meet, please let your teacher and front office know at least one day prior to the missed class(es).
  • Communicate daily with teachers for assistance with lessons through Google Classroom or gmail if you have questions. 
  • Are responsible for completing assignments and assessments by the specified deadline. 
    • Students should not let pending work accumulate until the end of the quarter/semester.
  • Take care of the chromebook and other materials you are using that belong to the school
  • Use chromebook or laptop to attend Google Meets instead of a phone (call EC main line 612-728-5728 if you do not have access to a chromebook or laptop

Decision Regarding Learning Models

The Board grants power to the Executive Director to make decisions regarding switching learning models.  The Executive Director will consult with the Board Chair, school leadership, staff, and community stakeholders when considering to switch from one particular scenario to another.  A key factor in making this decision will be the weekly data released by MDE and MDH showing the case rate per 10,000 people in Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis.  Other factors include the specific needs, situations, and best interests of the El Colegio community.

El Colegio recognizes that COVID-19 is affecting our Latinx and Indigenous communities at a higher rate and will keep that at the forefront before moving into hybrid or in-person learning models. However, here is a summary of what each model would look like. 

To ensure a smooth transition into any of the three learning models (Distance Learning, Hybrid, and In-Person) we wanted to make sure that all three scenarios flowed well to prevent an interruption in student learning.


As currently planned, El Colegio’s Hybrid model will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. It will allow for students to be onsite one day a week in the afternoons. This time would be used to eat lunch onsite as well as receive more direct support from teachers and support staff on their coursework. Please note that as we learn more and receive feedback from families, students, and teachers, our hybrid model may change per board approval.


If El Colegio is able to return to full in-person programming, there will be no asynchronous classes.  All classes will be onsite and in person.