El Colegio is proud to be a Minnesota Charter School!

El Colegio is a small public high school in Minneapolis that has been serving students in English and Spanish since 2000.

El Colegio engages students in challenging, profound learning experiences that integrate research-based teaching strategies with cultural and traditional practices of the families we serve. We provide a supportive and personalized environment so that students are known well and are individually supported to meet the challenges of high school and beyond.

El Colegio students develop the skills and personal qualities needed to be successful in college and employment, to be comfortable and excel in a bilingual, bicultural environment, and to be leaders in their communities and the world.

Our Mission

In community, El Colegio honors and builds upon the talents of bilingual students and their diverse families to provide the academic rigor, leadership skills, career preparation, and community connections necessary to fulfill their potential as change makers.

Our Vision

Communities worldwide are transformed by the El Colegio experience of liberation.

In addition to our mission and vision, we are guided by four Core Values:

Identity: We support our youth and their families in recognizing and embracing their own unique histories, cultures, and languages.

Solidarity: We recognize that we all live in connection with each other; we must honor and support our youth to honor and embrace our communities.

Intellect: Success in life and community change requires critical thinking and a deeper level of consciousness.

Justice: We pursue our work not solely for the individual benefit of the youth and families we serve, but because we believe their role is critical in securing equity and opportunity for all members of society.

In Lak’ech