As a small school, El Colegio has the capacity to focus on the whole person, the whole family, and our collective role in the broader, intersecting metropolitan ecology. We provide student-centered learning, a robust college and career readiness program, and above-and-beyond 1:1 support that lead to our youth graduating with bright post-secondary futures. 

Our graduates become change agents to contribute in ending the perpetuation of trauma and help the community at-large heal and grow.  

El Colegio is one of the few organizations in Minnesota that has the capacity to provide a rigorous academic program with a compassionate approach as well as a space for navigating and healing from trauma.

Here are a few ways El Colegio acknowledges the lived experiences of our community: 

  • We create a safe environment where community members can discuss their immigration status freely and without concern of repercussion. 
  • We connect families with legal services that have proven to work for the benefit of the community. 
  • We collaborate with other organizations that support immigrant families. 
  • We support families to be prepared in case a family member needs to leave the country involuntarily. 

El Colegio is more than high school, we are an anchor in our community.  We provide a safe and trusted space for different local organizations and grassroots initiatives to convene, organize, advocate for change, encourage engagement in civic activities, and mobilize individuals to participate in their local democracy.  All of these efforts contribute to building leadership and strengthening community participation.