An Exciting Update!

Dear Friends,

El Colegio High School is excited to share two pieces of important news with you:

El Colegio is seeking a School Principal/Executive Director to start in January 2020 to provide ongoing academic leadership and vision for the school.

The Board of Directors is posting a Principal/Executive Director position for El Colegio, scheduled to start in January 2020.  The board is committed to strengthening the academic performance of all its students. We are recruiting a school leader who will fulfill the school’s mission and vision and work with the board to implement the FY20-25 Strategic Plan.

The board is fully committed to implementing the school’s mission:  In community, El Colegio honors and builds upon the talents of bilingual students and their diverse families to provide the academic rigor, leadership skills, career preparation, and community connections necessary to fulfill their potential as change makers.

We are proud to announce that El Colegio Board of Directors is honoring Norma C. Garcés’s request for a leave of absence to pursue her prestigious Bush Fellowship.

As you may know, Norma C. Garcés was awarded the prestigious Bush Fellowship last spring. In order for her to pursue her leadership and academic goals, she will be taking a leave of absence. The board wishes Ms. Norma the very best in her studies. The school will be led by the Principal/Executive Director with the support of the leadership team which includes the Academic Dean and Dean of Operations.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of El Colegio. If you have any questions or ideas for how to further support El Colegio’s success, please feel free to contact me at or via my cell at 541-760-6630 or Norma Garcés at or at the school at (612) 728-5728.

On behalf of the El Colegio Board of Directors,

Ann Zukoski
Board Chair