El Colegio High School is the heart of a larger community vision of culture, arts, and education. By observing our students and community values, the atmosphere of the building is welcoming, safe, respectful and inclusive. Students and families from all cultures are respected and nurtured equally.

Values around family and community also come to life in our school. We actively encourage family and community to be partners in our students’ learning, as well as to participate in cultural and arts activities in our building. Students and families of different cultures experience and learn from each other through school curriculum, cultural celebrations, parent meetings and other activities. In addition, students go into the community to improve their learning through community service, internships, and the creation of public art.

Parent Involvement Plan Flyer
2015-2016 EC Parent Involvement Plan
2016-2017 Student-Parent Handbook
EC Parents’ Right to Know

For student records requests you can fax 612-728-5790 or email officemanager@el-colegio.org

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